15 Reasons to buy art

Start a new journey with Art in your life, if you haven’t already. Because whichever way you look at it, Art is good for you, 15 reasons to buy art!

Do you have the feeling that the house is falling down on you? Maybe it’s because you have empty walls and you’re crying out for some artwork.

A printed canvas or original paint is the perfect way to turn your house into a perfect home and get rid of that standard and boring house.

Buy Art!

Yes, you could buy prints of the London Bridge from Ikea, or put up posters of your favourite rock bands you’ve found at the corner vinyl store, but we both know you can be much more original than that.

15  reasons to buy Art:

1. Having a piece of Art has a positive effect on the environment of the people who own it, which inevitably makes their lives much richer. What comes is a happy wall, happy people.

2. A piece of art is much more than just decoration; it inspires you to look at the world differently. People usually look for something that fits in with their home decoration, why don’t you do it the other way around?

Buy a piece of art that you really like and then you start to give free rein to your creativity with the rest of your home.

3. You own something that has only been done once.

4. When you buy Art you are supporting the artist. Helping that artist to continue living from the creative process, which ends up improving the quality of life of the whole society.  We have to realize that a world without Art does not seem a place where we want to be. So you can support your local artist.

5. Free Shipping, most online sales platforms do everything possible to make buying art online a unique and enjoyable experience. Promoting the usability of the websites and the trust with the users is one of the most valued goals by the managers of these websites.

6. The sale of art is one of the few things that does not lose value from hand to hand, depreciating over time, but gains value.

7. If you get tired of the painting you can resell it and buy another one.

8. Your artistic tastes and your personal selection of artworks are a sample of your personal expression and reflect your own individuality. People do it in many ways. Have fun doing it, no one will judge you!

9. Buy artwork for its uniqueness, possessing something unique is truly special. Some people will want what others have, but it will always be much more special to have something that no one else can have.

10. Unlike other types of investments, it also generates personal aesthetic enjoyment. Delight is something innate that involves the contemplation, acquisition and possession of a work of art.

11. You can also benefit from an exemption in the Wealth Tax, up to certain limits and meeting certain requirements. Likewise, in some specific cases, they can benefit from a reduction in the Inheritance and Gift Tax.

12. Investment in art can improve a company’s image. The concept of patronage, investing in artworks constitutes an important element of the communication strategy of companies and institutions.

13. If you are thinking of making a special gift is always the best option, Art is something unique and last forever. In addition to being unique by having a great temporality is something that will pass from generation to generation.

14. Artworks will not die with the digital age, art is forever while we keep having and sharing art.

15. If you have children it is a way to teach them a taste for Art, aesthetics and a taste for beauty. Sharing your knowledge about this subject will leave a mark on them forever.

All this should make you think about introducing Art into your life. Start now!

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