Barcelona graffiti canvas by Shana, CMYK crew


  • Enlighten your home with personalized artwork.
  • Brilliant quality colors.
  • Made by Shana, CMYK.
  • Environmentally-friendly canvas.
  • Hand-made locally in Australia and the USA using only the finest quality raw materials.
  • Two different sizes
  • Production time it’s between 6-14 days and delivery can take up to 6 days.

Barcelona graffiti canvas


Street art picture, from Clarafosca artist in Barcelona city. Cool and alternative style Barcelona graffiti canvas print. Contemporary art style.

Every room deserves to be a bit underground style. These supreme quality print graffiti wall art canvases serve as statement pieces, creating personalized environment. Perfect for a studio or home office wall decor.


Barcelona graffiti canvas sizes


  • Medium canvas 16″x 20″ (40,5×50,8)
  • Large canvas 18″x24″ (45,7×61)


The canvas


  • Bests printing materials.
  • Eco-friendly canvas.
  • Already mounted and stretched.
  • Special padding to mount on walls.
  • Looks great with or without a frame

Durable excellent quality wall decor, this professional gallery art canvas provides the color that will stand the test of time. Barcelona graffiti canvas print, designed for indoor use. Solid wood frame structure and stretched canvas.


Production and shipping


Production time it’s between 6-14 days and deliveries can take up to 6 working days. Packed and sent from Australia or the USA. Free shipping,


Graffiti mural


freestyle of painting, which is usually (not always) painted on a wall and is usually defined by a striking or protest theme.

As you can see, when we say mural is to refer to anything that is painted on a wall. It doesn’t matter what technique, style, or theme a mural will remain.

The problem comes from the term graffiti. It’s an overly ambiguous term that tries to classify a trend that was born in ancient Rome and that resurfaced strongly in the 60s and 70s with the rise of sprays.

From that moment until today this style has been evolving, and now we can see (to curl the loop) graffiti made with a brush on canvas, created with templates or with digital effects.

On the other hand, murals have been created since our ancestors painted some animals on the walls of their caves. For centuries the wealthy have hired different artists to paint murals in their homes, living an explosion during the Renaissance.

Helped in part by the growing demand of professionals, it seems that there is a sector of these graffiti artists that prioritize the aesthetics in many of their works, creating works where harmony is very important, trying to approach the taste of a wider public.

In conclusion, we can say that all graffiti is a mural but the fact of doing work on a wall using a spray does not make it graffiti.



Medium canvas 16"x 20" (40,5×50,8), Large canvas 18"x24" (45,7×61)