5 tips to take a good portrait photo

child, portrait, girl
Many times we portray people, but we fail to capture that essence, look or gesture that captivated us and made us decide to photograph it. Portraits can help us to show what a person is like, their way of being and their lifestyle. For that reason, it is advisable to take some tips into account, which will facilitate us when transmitting sensations through a single image.
  1. Focus the eyes. As many say, they are “the door of the soul” and it is probably the part of the body that brings the most information about the life and state of mind of the person.
  1. Find a uniform background. Avoid any distracting element in the frame, so that in the photograph, only the person photographed is the protagonist.
babe, smile, newborn
  1. Use an open diaphragm. This can help us together with the 2nd tip. It will also help us to reduce sharpness to elements that do not have the main importance in the image, and highlight those that do. An f / 2.8 aperture would be fine most of the time.
  1. Light at 45º angle. Be it natural or artificial, it is usually the best option. Just as a front light cancels out all shadows, a side light highlights the shapes and gives the image volume.
  1. Position the camera higher. The angle of the light is just as important as that of the camera. As we have commented in the 1st tip, the look is very important and stands out more if we place the camera a little higher than the axis of the eyes.