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Printed canvas, giclée and high quality art prints on Australia

What is a printed canvas?

If you appreciate the meticulous reproduction of detail and photographic precision of the image, go for canvas printing. The pattern will be printed on the fabric in high resolution by the Swiss printers of our technology park.

graff 12+1 canvas

You will be able to hang your painting immediately after delivery. Those are truly art Australia prints: the canvas is mounted on the wooden frame and the edges are very well finished, so no frames are needed. In addition, the impressions have an added advantage: their time of realization is shorter than in the other techniques. At the Australian art department we reproduce the best quality artworks.

What is giclée?

Giclée is the most common technique for high-quality reproduction of works of art on paper. It is a very high precision and definition inkjet system that allows to obtain up to 99% coverage of the Pantone palette. While a common print is made with 4 inks, our prints are made with 12. Our printer provider has the best art supplies in Australia.

What is a limited series print?

A print can belong to an unlimited or limited series. While the unlimited series do not guarantee the quality or quantity of the reproductions, the limited series are defined by the artist and guarantee the quality and quantity of the reproductions.

For the collector, limited series prints have commercial value while unlimited series prints do not. For the artist, limited series prints allow the certification and definition of the reproductions of his work, while controlling and making sales returns, while unlimited series prints do not.

What is a high quality art print?

A high-quality art print is a printed reproduction of a work of art. The main differences between a high-quality art print and a common print are the printing technique, image quality, quality on the support, life time and print certification. All our products are high quality art print, you can have at the artworks look here if you like. A high quality art print has commercial value unlike an ordinary print.