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Picture themes

If you sometimes feel exhausted from the typical photos (of our family, dog, cat, food, the flowers, the sunsets, Australia day) keep reading.

These ideas are picture themes that we can enjoy doing.

Let’s start small. There are many ways to search for new topics; the point is that many times we need a little push to find those topic themes. Sometimes it is enough to just open a book and photograph the first word we read. Or open the dictionary and photograph the first 10 words you find with the letter “Z”. However, sometimes it seems so abstract that we tell ourselves it’s not worth it. Let me tell you something, sometimes the issue really is there, we just don’t focus on seeing it.

These exercises are particularly useful to me when I think I have exhausted ideas, that no new images occur to me, and surely, among so many, one of them pleasantly surprises me. It is NOT necessary to always have all the images worthy of a pulitzer, the purpose is to persevere in the habit of photographing, practicing the technique and sharpening the eye.

In this post I want to provide you with a list of possible picture themes for your next photographs:

  • Colours: we can make colour our theme of interest. Choose multi-coloured images, or choose a certain colour and shoot a complete series with that colour.


  • Signs: street signs, advertising signs, supermarket signs, road train Australian sign, signs on the refrigerator door…
  • Feathers: feathers have always seemed to me a delicate, volatile element, with its own charm. Alone, hooked on a branch, through the sun…


  • Pencils: scattered pencils, painting pencils, words written with pencils, colored patterns. In the hand of a kid, of an artist.


  • Books: open books, closed books, Austalian history books, stacked books, Australian art books, lonely, in the hands of an adult, on a table, in a bookstore, in a library.
pencil types
  • Letters and numbers: this one particularly always seemed very attractive to me. They can be house numbers, ticket numbers and poster letters. I can for example, photograph all the letters of my first name that I find, or form a sentence with different images.


  • Doors and windows, always give the feeling of welcome, of shelter.From the outside, from the inside, open door, closed door. Lonely, with someone sitting in the doorway. Wooden doors, Australian metal door, with bars, without bars.
  • Tableware: ceramic, porcelain, glass, plastic, on the table, in the hands of a child. Cups with coffee, with tea, with machiato. Group of dishes, alone, hanging on a wall. Silver cutlery, wood.


  • Flags: of places you visit, of organisations, of protesters, pirate flags, car racing start / finish line, Australian flag, Victoria flag, WA flag.


  • Fire: fire has for me one of the greatest charms when photographing. Play with the speeds, with the lights. Only with its forms, accompanying a fire pit. By day, at night, the detail, in the distance.
  • Lines: curved, straight, zigzag, thick, thin. In objects, in drawings, abstract, defined, looking for shapes, simple, compound, overlapping. The lines will also help you to polish the composition of your photographs.


  • Geometrical forms: the diversity and infinity of geometric shapes like a ball, a wheel, a globe, a compass, a CD, coins, a donut, a watch.


  • Graffiti, urban art: street art mural, nothing more attractive than wall art. Phrases, drawings, graffiti tags. Differents colours or monochrome.

You can always find something to photograph take your camera and explore. Use it with imagination and find the best themes.

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