What is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing that is based on achieving certain results or actions. Affiliates (companies, websites…) are in charge of advertising merchants by publishing their ads or promotions. These affiliates obtain a commission when the user enters their website link and buys from the shop.

Affiliate marketing emerges as an extremely interesting alternative for people who want to work with Internet sales, besides being a great tool for producers who want to increase the dissemination of their products online.

The affiliate acts as an intermediary that advertises the product or service and gets buyers for the original seller. Therefore, the seller gives a commission to the intermediary, thus becoming an affiliate of the seller.

An affiliate program is an agreement in which a company pays the affiliate (person or company) a commission for creating sales.

The usual way to credit a sale by the affiliate rests on the cookies. The user takes it with them when visiting a website and entering a link that contains an affiliate ID. We credit a sale that’s created by the affiliate even after 30 days of that click in the link, so no worries you can make money even if the client changes his/her mind after few days.

Affiliate marketing program

What do we offer?

We offer a 20% commission from all of our products, and a monthly payment of each commission, also we work with a 30-day cookies/plan, if a customer clicks in one of your links and the sell it’s made 29 days after that click you will get your commission for every item they buy, sounds good?

Our products are easy to sell for example a custom portrait can be an ideal birthday present or wedding present.

Everybody is always moving around the new house, new flat new campervan and what do we need for those empty and sad walls? ART!

Every house has some form of art on its walls and we provide that, with tapestries, cushions, prints, and portraits.

It’s important to note that we only sell in Australia and we offer FREE SHIPPING on all our products.

Please if you have any doubt contact us we want to help you to sell: [email protected]

How to apply to become an affiliate

Hello, thank you for joining us in our affiliate marketing program at Prints and Portraits. The process to get started it’s very simple:

1. Go to the footer of our website and click on affiliate dashboard :
2. Register and get instant approval. Please provide an email linked to your PayPal account to get all the future payments.
3. Once you get your approval log in, and your dashboard will look like this:
affiliate dashboard

Here you will find the most relevant information about your earnings, clicks, sales and commissions you can get selling with prints and portraits.

4. To create the links to start to share the products, go to Creatives:

Look for the products you want to sell from https://printsandportraits.com go to the product, copy the link and paste it at the referral URL generator, click generate referral and you will find the link that you need to share in order to count the sale. You can test it and all the clicks will appear on your affiliate dashboard.

affiliate marketing creatives
Go to the product you want to sell and copy the link:
And paste it at the URL generator to create your sellers link:
5. Now use your social media to share the products with your special link, every click will go straight to your account, and every sell to your bank account!!!
dashboard affiliate
6. Here are the products that you can sell and the commissions you can take:
spreadsheet affiliate comissions

How to get the pictures and how to create the ads

In https://printsandportraits.com/ we sell high-quality products and we sell art in different forms, for that reason images are our most important asset, in order to create an ad you will need them.

To get the pictures from our website go to the product that you want to sell and left-click on your mouse and select download image, and you will have the images for your own promotion.

image download

We recommend using classified ad platforms like Gumtree or FB marketplace or social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or Tik Tok, to share our products and your links to get future costumers.

Be original, be kind to your customers and you will get your sales.

social media

When customers ask for the price you can tell them that you are part of  https://printsandportraits.com/ and we print on demand.

Tell the truth about our products they are high quality so there is nothing to worry about it, we try to deliver fast but producing high-quality artistic products take time, so tell the client that production time and delivery can take from 13-20 days. 

Share your link with your affiliate ID and that’s it, you already have a possible sell.

So basically you put the ads and posts and wait for the customers to come, super easy!!!

Try to put ads and share your products but please don’t be “spammy” because that could be annoying and evaluates our products.

Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms!

Affiliate marketing program